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Barrel polishing is work of surface preparation processing and improve surface uster followed in rubbing action as the work which puts out workpiece, media
and polishing compound in the barrel machine which is rotates, vibrates and cetrifugal etc.

- Deburring and decontamination
- Surface roughness improvement and luster
- Anti-rust
- Production cost down which follows in massive polishing and more cheaper labor cost
- Compares in buff polishing and the surface preparation which is uniform

The barrel polishing at the time of the fact which is most important understands
a workpiece quality of material, a size and a polishing purpose
the media selections follows hereupon they are COMPOUND selections which are appropriate.
The media selections most short amount of time puts out the workpiece
accomplishes the effect of optimum is the fact which is important.
Polishing compound is improve grining power, luster, cleaning, lubrication activity of the workpiece and in order to prevent rust and change of color,
compound selections are very importent.

Also generally the barrel polishing at the time of the wet barrel method which works with the water together. so. There are difficult possibility
in work because of waste water problem.

So, the dry barrel method which does not use the water with method will be able to recommend.

we about 20 experience for year Japan UJIDEN CHEMICAL, PARKER, TKX and
Germany MENZERNA, China etc. barrel media and compound import and
supply domestic market.

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